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Tengzhou Bangmei Mirror Co., Ltd produces silver mirror, aluminium mirror, safety mirror, tinted mirror, float painted glass, low iron painted glass, clear pattern glass, tinted pattern glass, low iron glass, acid etched glass and glass block.

The Bangmei Mirror staff is going periodically to training in order to improve their skills; they have good experience in production and quality control. Our technical guide has been working for 20 years in this field, therefore is an expert on glass manufacturing and solving inconveniences from the raw materials to the shipment.

Bangmei was the first to pass the ISO9001 quality system authentication in its field. This is a direct result of our over ten years of experience in the production and quality control of fine glass products. Bangmei's factory is equipped with advanced and fully automatic production line and a line of professional equipment for the deep processing of our silver mirror, aluminum mirror, and low iron glass. Some of our machinery includes our mirror beveling machines, lace machines, straight edging machines, and special edging machines. Our production equipment allows us to provide large sized as well as cutting sized mirror and glass products. It also helps reduce material waste and also labor costs. Therefore, we can provide clients with our high quality aluminum mirror, low iron painted glass, and clear pattern glass products at reasonable prices. In addition, we provide continuous training for our employees in order to improve their skills and efficiency.

With our ten years of experience in the glass and mirror industry, we know how to provide clients with our high quality tinted pattern glass, acid etched glass, and glass block at economical prices. We make our glass and mirror products using our own glass, which greatly reduces material and shipping expenses. Also, the use of advanced, automatic production equipment lowers our labor costs and increases efficiency. Finally, our company is located in the glass industrial park of Baogou Town, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province. This locates us near Qingdao Port, one of the largest ports in China. Therefore, we can quickly and economically ship our products to customers around the globe.

In 2011, we built a new 140,000 square meter facility. In 2012, at this new building, we will produce about 30,000 square meters of glass per day, allowing us to finish large orders for our global customers in a short amount of time. We have self-export rights, and currently our safety mirror, tinted mirror, and float painted glass products are exported to many countries, including Russia, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and others. Our excellent reputation is spreading across the globe due to the high quality of our products, our continuous drive for improvement, and our commitment to customer service.