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  • Acid Etched GlassThe acid etched glass has resistance to humidity making it ideal to use in high moisture rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, its tangible stereoscopic patterns will never fade. The acid etched glass has colorful pattern design, no formaldehyde or nitrogen smell, perfect matching with other designs in the house or office for decorative doors, windows glass, partition glass, furniture glass, shower rooms glass and other applications.
  • Glass BlockThe glass block main features are sound proof, heat insulation, resistance to wear and tear and flame retardant. On krystantic, double star, cloudy, water bubble, sea wave, crystal parallel, mosaic, misty cloudy, misty cloudy turquoise or color cloudy pattern, the ambience it's clear and bright blocking the view. The glass block is used for decorative doors, partition glass, shower rooms glass and other applications at home or worksite.

We are a specialized decorative glass manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including acid etched glass, glass block, silver mirror, and clear float glass, among others.

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